About the Artist


Cathy Edwards is a self-taught artist and very versatile in her creations.  Cathy has created many vibrant illustrations working in various mediums.


After moving to Naples Florida, Cathy created the "Florida Series" that was inspired by the beautiful wildlife in the state. 

Florida Flamingo by Cathy Edwards
Florida Panther by Cathy Edwards
Laughing Florida Dolphins by Cathy Edwards
Florida Lizard by Cathy Edwards


Her true passion, however, is "painting" pet portraits using colored pencils.

Cathy will bring your custom Pet Portrait to life by using a clear photograph of your companion as a reference. 

German Shepherd by Cathy Edwards

Cathy will work closely with you throughout the entire process to ensure all the care and love that you feel for your pet can be captured each time you view your personal Pet Portrait  - created by Cathy at Cathy Edwards Art.